About Us

About The Life Center

The Life Center is a Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Kingdom-focused Ministry.


To introduce others to Jesus Christ and membership into his family, teaching them to develop their gifts for ministry, and sending them forth to fulfill their mission, that we may all glorify God.

Mission Statement

To enhance the holistic development of individuals, families and communities.


Love, Love, Reach and Teach

Our Core Values 


Our Leaders

James B. Easley

James Easley serves as Senior Pastor of this contemporary, prototype ministry based on Love, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Service. With over 20 years in leadership and over a decade in ministry, he is a dynamic pastor who has influenced hundreds of lives through exceptional teaching of the Word of God. Under his direction, The Life Center has quickly become a haven for ministry training, leadership and personal development.

A native of Palm Beach County, FL, James is married to the supremely gifted Gayle Easley. He is an outstanding father to their daughter Jaimee Easley and their son Joshua Easley. James is known for his compassion for the unsaved, unchurched, underprivileged and neglected members of our society.

His primary research interests and writings have focused on improving the fabric of the family. His self published book, “Love, Now We Can Make It” is often used to train couples in the connection, closeness and communication of marriage.

James is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. His bold and visionary leadership has been demonstrated through his efforts to provide college exposure and tuition assistance for youth pursuing post-secondary education, feeding the hungry, advocating for the homeless and his relevant ministry to males.

Pray for James, as he seeks to be faithful to his calling through an abiding commitment to Jesus Christ, service to others, disciplined scholarship and diligent liberation of the oppressed. He is on a mission to Love, Love, Reach and Teach!

Gayle Easley


A woman of vision, Gayle’s testimony is a powerful example of how God orchestrates our lives. She is a true vessel of honor reverencing God with her gifts and abilities, preaching, teaching, and singing the Word of God! Her smile is contagious and so is her love for the Lord. She is of noble character, is fully trustworthy, and is an asset to her husband Dr. James B. Easley.

Lady Easley is endowed with a good business sense, generous spirit, and gets really excited about helping those who are overlooked and under-appreciated.

She is a proud mother that has been blessed with two beautiful children Jaimee and Joshua. She has one grandson Breyden. She resides in West Palm Beach, FL where she serves side by side in ministry with her husband at The Life Center.